Surveillance State

Embracing each other. An unsuspecting couple have a walk together with their dog outdoors near the car.

The next time you’re out in your neighborhood taking a walk, walking the dog with your wife, take a good look around. Pay close attention to everyone’s doorbell because increasingly you will find that you’re looking add a Ring or some other camera enabled doorbell and if you can see it, it has already recorded you. I’m not really worried about Joe Blow your neighbor perusing his video and watching you guys walk by. I’m worried about the fact that this is being uploaded to corporations and government entities which are then tracking your every movement.

Black intercom camera on rough beige wall. Communication system for home protection.
Government servers in secret data centers.

If you don’t think the government is keeping that data from all those cameras and indexing your face and tracking where you go, when you do it, and who you do it with, you are naive. There’s not really a lot you can do about it, cover your face or a wear a mask to change your features. I’m encouraging you not to participate, not to host one of their intelligence-gathering systems at your effort and expense.

There are some excellent alternatives you can set up very easily by yourself. They’re better in many ways than the Turn-Key consumer-grade systems that share all your data with government and law enforcement. If you do see a crime on your camera, isn’t it your discretion to share it with law enforcement? I encourage you to do so but I also encouraged at all to not be tools in the intelligence-gathering Machinery of Corporations and government. With that said I would like to point out a couple of nice options Home Security the keep your data firmly in your control and I would argue provide better quality. The first thing I would recommend is to not use Wi-Fi cameras. There are stories of these cameras being jammed. It’s quite easy to get jamming equipment on the internet and criminals as they walk up to your house, they’re wearing a transmitter which interrupts all the Wi-Fi, and all your cameras are now offline and useless. Some of them will still record to internal SD cards but if the criminals are up to no good, they will proceed to rip your cameras down and take those SD cards with them when they leave. These systems I’m recommending will upload the video real time to the cloud where it’s encrypted owned by you and inaccessible to any evil doers

Man jamming cell phone and Wi-Fi with commercially available device. You can be cut off from all communications with the outside world, without you being aware of it, until it’s too late.